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A list of possible antennas for BBHN.  We'll be providing information on designs as people provide it, so we don't have any recommendations so far. Please send me your experiences or additional designs.
  • WiFi BiQuad Antenna - A DIY design for high-gain antenna using a Satellite Dish with BiQuad Antenna element.
  • Cantenna - A DIY design for WiFi Waveguide antenna
  • WiFi Antenna ShootOut - Compare various DIY WiFi Antennas. The Punchline - Nalley's Big Chunk Beef Stew wins over Pringle's. 
  • Helix Antenna - DIY Helix Antenna design
  • Yagi 10 el.  - DIY 10 element Yagi for 2.4 Ghz
  • Panel Antennas - typically 14db or so.
  • BBQ Grill Antennas - 20db+ of gain
  • Collinear Omni Antennas - commercial version are best, the consumer versions are limited to 8 or 9db of gain.
  • Premiertek ANT-GRID-24dBi