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Google Earth

Google Earth is an excellent tool for WiFi site planning.  It provides the following information, given two location points:
  1. Path Distance (how far away)
  2. Elevation Angles
  3. Azimuthal Angles 
  4. LOS Terrain Profile (and any Terrain obstructions)
Typically, this is a good starting place for reviewing path alternatives.  

The basic steps are (assuming you have downloaded and installed Google Earth):
  1. Enter Placemarks for the two locations (either by entering the address or by dropping a pin on a location).
  2. Create a Path between the two locations
    1. Select Add-> Path on the Menu
    2. Left Click the Map on the First Placemark
    3. Left Click the Map on the Second Placemark
    4. Enter the name for the Placemark (In the Edit Path Dialog Box)
  3. In the Edit Path Dialog Box, select Measurement tab to get the distance between the two points.
  4. In the Places List  (the tree menu on the left side), Right-Click and Select Show Elevation Profile to get the Terrain profile,  Elevation Information